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Here's To You Mom! Mother's Day Sweets with a Grown-Up Twist

There's a lot of pressure on us all when it comes to Mother's Day gift ideas. Every Mother's Day you have the opportunity to tell the special women in your life how much you love and appreciate them. As a mother myself,  it is extremely touching when a gift is personal or made just for me. I love every orange juice in bed and macaroni mug.

Needless to say the moms in my life are all fans of wine. (My love of wine had to come from somewhere!). And like me, they all appreciate the thought and care of something handmade.

Some may prefer red or white, but wine is always a great gift, and best when served along side chocolate. Nothing says Happy Mother's Day quite like a gorgeous bottle of wine and Nadège Patisserie.

For the white wine loving moms out there, why not gift her a bottle of Fleur du Cap Chardonnay?

From South Africa, this Chardonnay is made with the flair only the coast of the Cape can offer. This wine is full of citrus flavours like lemon, lemon peel and touches of lime and green apple. It is a gorgeous pairing to white chocolate.

If your mom prefers red wine, why not try Novas Gran Reserva Carménère Cabernet Sauvignon? 

I have a soft spot for Chile, and have a love affair with Carménère, and an even softer spot for organic wine. From Emiliana Organic Vineyards, Novas is an organic wine full of character with all the feel good qualities. Rich in flavours of ripe strawberry and cherries, and gentle touches of black pepper and toast. I love the peppery notes and touches of green this varietal offers, and is perfect alongside dark chocolate.

For those who are daring in the kitchen, try this bonbon recipe combining tempered chocolate with the Fleur du Cap Chardonnay or with Novas Carménère. These make such a gorgeous gifts and are absolutely delicious, and mom is sure to fall in love.

These Chocolate Bonbons are made with  wine infused ganache (yum!). Both recipes use the tempered chocolate, but if you're making the white wine ganache, skip over the red wine ganache and vice versa. 

The white chocolate bonbon is so perfect with the Chardonnay, the infused lemon zest picks up the lemony notes from the wine. The red wine bonbon is simply delicious and holds up well to the full body and tannins of the Carmenere.

To make these you'll need:

Half sphere chocolate molds

Metal Bench Scraper

Palette Knife

Candy thermometer


Bowls, pots, spatulas and a trusty corkscrew

Tempered Chocolate


200g high quality chocolate over 68%


1. Chop the chocolate, and melt it in a double boiler to exactly 31 C. Once temperature is reached, the chocolate is ready to be used.

Fleur du Cap White Wine Ganache*


2/3 cup Fleur du Cap Chardonnay

Zest of 1/2  a lemon

300 g white chocolate

2 tbsp butter, cubed


1. In a small pot, warm the wine with lemon zest to 122 F. Let the zest infuse for 10 minutes.

2. Pour the wine through a strainer 

2. Melt the chcoolate in a double boiler

3. Pour the wine over the chocolate and mix until smooth

4. Once the chocolate mixture has cooled to 35 C, add the butter.

5. Emulsify with a hand blender

Novas Red Wine Ganache*


3/4 cup Novas Gran Reserva Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon

140 g high quality chocolate, 64%

100 g high quality chocolate, 68%

1/4 cup butter, cubed


1. In a pot, warm the wine to 122 F

2. Melt the chcoolate in a double boiler

3. Pour the wine over the chocolate and mix until smooth

4. Once the chocolate mixture has cooled to 35 C, add the butter.

5. Emulsify with a hand blender

Assembling your bonbons

Yield - 50 chocolates


1. Prepare the tempered chocolate with above recipe

2. Fill the chocolate molds with the tempered chocolate. Tap the mold with a palette knife to release any bubbles.

3. Turn the mold upside down over a tray to drain the excess chocolate, scrape excess from edges. Lay the mold on some parchment for a few minutes.

4. Once the chocolate has started to set, scrape the excess chocolate from the top and sides of the mold.

5. Prepare your favourite wine's ganache!

6. When the ganache has cooled to 26 C, fill up the mold.

7. Let the ganache set in a cool environment for 12 hours.

8. Close up the bonbon with freshly made tempered chocolate, scrape the top of your mold clean.

9. Let set in the fridge for one hour before unmolding.

I hope you and your mom enjoy these treats and these wines as much as I did. They are truly a special and unforgettable gift. 

If making your own chocolate treats is too daring, you can always go to Nadège Patisserie and pick out some bonbons to pair with your wines. (Spoiler, all their chocolate is delicious). 

Happy Mother's Day!

Recipes are courtesy of Chef Nadège, Nadège Patisserie

Find Novas here and Fleur du Cap here

Big thanks to PMA and Nadège for the partnership.

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