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Pinot & Pilates

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good workout? And who doesn’t love a glass of vino to reward yourself?

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, it can totally be fun. Long gone are the days of boring squats and the elliptical. No more personal trainers needed, and no more excuses.

There are SO many options now available, and you can do it in style. As a wine lover, I like activity that aligns with me.

I’ll be real with you. I don’t like working out. My happy place is on the couch with a glass of Sancerre and an endless supply of cheese. And unfortunately, no human can do that sustainably.

BUT I like to have fun and I do like living a healthy lifestyle. I have found ways to enjoy exercise – and it’s easy.

Have fun & Reward yourself!

For me, that’s Pilates and wine.

Pilates is fun and allows me to get into a happy place while working on my mom bod. Getting together in a group of fun and determined people is exhilarating and Motiv Fitness fits that bill.

See Meghan and her team above! Best Pilates studio in the city hands down!

Meaghan and the amazing staff at Motiv Fitness and Pilates have a way of motivating you to struggle through a table top and to make you do one more bridge, but most of all they have a way to let you have fun. You can’t beat a dogma that is encouraging and motivating.

Besides being fun and enjoying calming music, the mental and physical health benefits, and the end goal of a crazy strong core, are what makes Pilates so appealing.

Some of the benefits include…

Improved Posture. Improved flexibility. Decreased back pain. Decreased appetite. (Let’s be honest… we could all benefit from less cheese and chocolate)

The list goes on.

Similarly, having a glass of wine can have huge effects on your mental and physical health. Antioxidants and improved mood are only some of the benefits when taken in moderation.

Pinot Noir is a perfect reward because it pairs excellently with post-workout. It is light bodied and refreshing, has the amazing benefits of antioxidants from the tannin of a red wine, and is down right delicious. I’d recommend Ontario wine, but consider Burgundy or Willamette

Valley Pinot if you’re looking for a treat!

So what are you waiting for? Go do some Pilates and crack open some Pinot!

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