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Watermelon Salad and Spring Summer Wine Pairings

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Now that the snow has melted and the flowers are in full bloom I can’t wait to shape up my spring and summer menu! Wondering what to wine to pair with food this spring? Look no further.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring this year and I’m excited to share some exciting spring and summer recipes with you - and which wines to pair them with. While I’m not drinking this spring season, I still love pairing wine with food and entertaining - and this one is family and friend approved.

One of my favourite spring recipes is watermelon salad - what’s not to love? It’s fresh, sweet, herbaceous with the right amount of salt. It’s a crowd pleaser and a family favourite.

(Plus - it’s pink. Need I say more?)

And let’s not forget spring wines. Rosé wine in spring is better than a magnolia in May, or so they say. I like to pair my watermelon salad recipe with a wine that is at least equally sweet, with some great acidity and some complimentary fruit flavours. I think a rosé wine pairing would be ideal for this to highlight the red fruit flavours. I love Konzelmann‘s Cuvee Close Rosé - it’s bubbly, bright and has great complimentary strawberry and watermelon flavours. Plus it’s local wine!

For your very own watermelon salad you’ll need:

Roughly half of one ripe watermelon 🍉

10-12 medium strawberries 🍓

Roughly half of one English cucumber 🥒

Feta cheese (recommending sheep’s feta if you can find it)

One handful of fresh mint leaves 🍃

3 tbsp olive oil

1.5 tbsp balsamic reduction

1.5 tbsp lime juice

Extra slices of lime

Mint leaves

Salt & Pepper to taste 🧂

1. Remove the rind from your watermelon and chop into bite sized cubes, set aside in a large bowl.

2. Peel and slice your cucumber in half lengthwise, take a spoon and run it down the center to de-seed it. Discard seeds, and thinly slice your cucumber. Add thin slices to the bowl with watermelon.

3. Remove the green stems from your strawberries, and cut each berry in half (if your strawberries are large quartered is just fine). Add into bowl.

4. Remove your cheese from water and section off a piece about the size of your palm. Crumble cheese into bowl.

5. Take your mint leaves and tightly roll them up like a cigarette, take your knife and slice thin ribbons of mint. Add to bowl.

6. Take a pit of salad utensils and gently mix your salad so each ingredient is well distribute.

7. Prepare dressing - in a separate small bowl, put olive oil, balsamic reduction and lime juice together and whisk well until incorporated. Add some freshly ground pepper to your taste, at this time you may want to add a bit of salt however do so sparingly as your cheese may already be quite salty.

8. Pour dressing over salad and mix well so everything is well covered.

9. Plate up a bit of your watermelon magic and garnish with some lime wedges and a sprig of mint.

10. Enjoy on the back deck with a glass of rosé!

Feeling daring? Fire up the barbecue this spring and try pairing this watermelon saad and rosé with some spicy barbecued kebabs. The spicy flavours are offset by some sweetness in the salad and rosé. Who would have thought? Barbecue and rosé are a secret match made in heaven.


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